3 Money-Saving Tips for your Wedding

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Congratulations on your engagement and the big day that is to come! We are extremely happy for you and can’t wait to share our knowledge to make your Wedding dreamy and fun. Before you approach your wedding planner, ensure to have every detail noted down. The details will enable you to plan all the events, under your preferred budget easily. Additionally, while you note down your details, make sure everything that you want is written down. Your Wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and we want your Wedding to happen just like your dream wedding. Your planning must be accurate, so nothing goes wrong! For that to work out, make sure you hire a Wedding Planner that is experienced and plans accordingly.

At times, it can get tiring and inorganized, specifically when you there is miscommunication with your Wedding Planner and your family. Thus, Wedding Planners in Bangalore believe that its essential to let your planners know what you need and want so that they can help you saving costs and staying under budget. Further, it’s also advisable to prioritize and figure out non-negotiables so that your planner understands your preferences. Furthermore, to help you understand how to plan your Wedding and save costs, here are a few tips!

1. Have a well-defined Budget

It’s essential to talk to your partner and your family to have a clearly defined budget sorted. You need to ensure that your budget has everything considered, from ceremonies to wedding jewellery, nothing must be left out. To make sure your budget is well-defined and clear, set a hard maximum and list down all the expected expenses. You can begin by looking through your savings and summing up the figures to the absolute maximum. Further, list down all known expenses, such as wedding jewellery, venue, decorations etc. Besides, Wedding planners in Bangalore believe that all couples need to have a buffer built for unknown expenses. A budget that has a certain amount of cash fixed for hidden expenses makes it easier for the couple while sorting out the money.

2. Decide your Venue Carefully

It’s essential to find the right venue for your budget, that will help you save cash. It might get certainly tempting to opt for the closest venue to your house or the venue that is the most glamourous. But remember this might be something that you might regret later. Wedding planners in Bangalore advice their clients to search for their venues at their preferred location. For example, a few might opt for a venue that’s in a rural area or small town with a small gathering of close ones. Further, many might also opt for a town wedding, that has a venue which can fit many guests. Lastly, a few might even want public event space as their venue. Thus, depending on which location you want your Wedding to happen, choose your venue in that place accordingly. Remember, the number of guests you decide to invite can play an important role in your decision.

3. Use minimalist decorations for the Invitations

Wedding planners in Bangalore always advice their clients to not splurge on their wedding invitations. One can save loads of cash by having limited decorations or money spent on the wedding card. It is advisable to pick out only three details for the invitation, keeping all of them in a single sheet of paper in a simple envelope. It’s further essential not to spend more money on the packaging. Though packaging today play a primary role for the invitation, it’s vital to understand that its mostly one-time use. Thus, rather than opting for an expensive package, it would be cost-saving to choose a package that is neat and has minimal details. Further, it’s advisable to have invitations that carry a specific wedding colour theme, and have only three details of the Wedding noted down. This aspect will keep the card neat and eye appealing.

Lastly, while planning out your Wedding, ensure to note down the expected prices for the decorations, DJ, jewellery and the clothes. These aspects make an essential part of the whole Wedding. Additionally, remember, since your Wedding is a once in a lifetime event, you need to acknowledge that changes during the Wedding are frequent. You might have to go off your list and make some things happen. So do not worry, and leave the details to your planner. Happy planning!

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