We go an extra mile to care for the stunning groom and beautiful bride. Let us take you to the aisle on a glamorous ride.

We organise and coordinate on-ground transportation services! We provide transportation to the couple and your respective guests and family. We are here to make sure everyone is present on-time on your special days. We have a shared-ride shuttle for out-of-town guests, and we also offer vans to pick up and drop off anyone to their place. Our exclusive service assures you that everyone will reach the destination safely and on-time.

Arranging transportation can cause chaos. You and your family do not need that!

We are going to make sure you step down into the venue in style on your wedding day. Choose from a variety of our carols and luxury cars according to your demand and budget.

Red carpet service

Shuttle service to drop and pick up guests on bonus trips

Antique Retro cars with customised decoration

Vintage carriage for the D-day

Trolly cabs and pedicabs services for theme party

Party bus to accommodate guests

Plan my Wedding

Enjoy your wedding without worrying about the guest arrivals and departures.

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