Wedding Planning During Covid-19

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We see your resilience, we know your heart is aching, and we do acknowledge that the global pandemic is taking away your effort and happiness. But do not worry! Grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and read through this information. This will benefit you in understanding how a wedding can be planned smoothly, during this pandemic. Besides, we, Wedding Planners of Bangalore, will make it easier for you by answering the most asked wedding planning questions during the pandemic. The answers to these questions will guide you in planning your wedding accordingly.

Hire the Right Planner

Planning out a timeline, and enlisting the help of an expert in one to one consultation, will help you plan everything smoothly. Along with this, the responsibilities for you will be less and understand better in how a wedding must take place, after considering your choices, and ideas. However, if you had planned the wedding to be during the lockdown, remember to have informed the planner about all the concerns, and get permission that they will still help out, in case the wedding gets postponed. Ensure that you are comfortable with your planner, and they understand what you want, and how you want your wedding to be. Besides, wedding planners of Bangalore, take in an advance payment before organizing the wedding, so if you worried about your wedding getting postponed or cancelled because of the pandemic, make sure your planner knows about this.

Review your Contracts

Ensure to review and double-check your contract before signing them. Besides, you need to research and understand your options and investment, so you have enough clarity with the planner you choose. Also, do not agree to anything, unless it goes with your plan. Your planners need to be aware of the situation, and must not take advantage of it, causing you to be stuck in a hurdle. Thus, ensure that your contract matches with your plan and that nothing is affected. This shall make everything easy and off tension. Further, it will also enable you to postpone or cancel your wedding, as per your choice.

Postponing your Wedding

Remember whether you’re forced to postpone your wedding or take extra-precaution, you must be aware that everything has options! Your wedding planner must guide you through the process of postponing the event, without making a fuss. Remember, if you decide on not to delay the wedding, the precautions that you take must not go against the law, and everything must happen in an organized manner. Ensure that the people that you invite is limited, and everything must be sanitized from time to time to protect everyone.

Decide on a New Date

Deciding on a new date for the wedding can be a tedious job, as it involves many steps. Firstly, you need to speak to your family and the vendors. You need to approach them to figure out the best wedding date, and so that they can inform the guests regarding the changes. Secondly, the vendors must also be aware of the situation, so that they do not charge you for something that has happened yet. Further, please keep track of the country’s lockdown dates, and predict accordingly on when you want the wedding to happen, as per the situation. Besides, Wedding planners of Bangalore, organize weddings as per the season, thus, if you are looking forward to your dream wedding to happen in a particular season, we recommend you to wait till next year till the COVID-19 situation decreases or cools down.

Keep extra Payment Ready

Be prepared to pay extra fees or lose a certain amount of money from your investment. The pandemic has affected the economy today in various ways, and thus wedding planners are rigid with their policies, and won’t agree for any alternative. Therefore, keep a certain amount of money outside your budget.

2. How will I consider the safety of my guests, if I decide to hold the wedding now?


A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest events in one’s life, which is celebrated with the people that we love and care. If you decide to hold your wedding during the pandemic, prioritize your guests. Ask yourself, ‘who is important?, who do I care?, will it be easier for him/her to travel?’ etc. After, ensure to slim down your entire plan and contact the right firm that will take all the safety precautions needed to keep everyone safe. Remember, there might be a financial impact because of all the planning and work that needs to be done, but it is for the best.

Determine the non-negotiables

Speak with your partner and determine your non-negotiables that will influence your decision. Example, ‘are you willing to hold a smaller wedding from what was planned?’, ‘will you not regret this decision later?’ ‘ are you okay that you won’t be able to be close to your guests’,’ is it fine that you won’t be able to dance or hug them?’, and most importantly, ‘will be alright to have grandparents attend, specifically during this situation’. Remember, to carefully plan everything, and determine the non-negotiables.
Remember, no matter what the situation is, we want you to shine bright, stay happy, and be safe! Happy planning!

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